1. neighborhood deli

    neighborhood deli

    I love nighttime photography, and look for ambient sources of light. I decided to photography this Crown Heights neighborhood deli sign at an angle.
  2. N

    Unusual question about angle of view

    This might be an unusual and stupid question, and i am unsure if this is the right place to post. In a normal photo without fisheye lense, are the angles in the photograph evenly "distributed"? (in lack of better words) what i mean is, if the angle of view is 60 degrees (blue line), that means...
  3. redbourn

    Shooting straight down and masking in PS

    Since the backgrounds that I downloaded were shot from 90 degrees I learned a lesson that it's hard to place a photo on them that was shot at 45 degrees. Not impossible to change the perspective of the bg but not very easy easy well it it wasn't for me - without cropping my original photo...
  4. redbourn

    Last photo of the year- breaded fish!

    Last food photo of the year. Breaded fish with vegetables and olives. I used different lighting and angle in this photo. Want to shoot more photos shooting straight down. Is possible for me but not easy. Either shooting down at food on the floor or putting my tripod on the table. Can...
  5. redbourn

    Steak Pie

    My latest food photo and hopefully they are getting better. It looks a little too yellow to me and also seems to have a hint of green. I used a gray card and also have Spyder hardware which I used to calibrate my monitor. Have tried to incorporate some tips that were given me on previous...