1. TheoHusky

    lenses for taking photos of aquarium life

    Hey, friends! I've renewed my aquarium and as I have exotic fish I want to take some photos. So I need your advice about telephoto lenses. I'm thinking about Sigma 70-300 AF for EF but maybe there's something better? What do you think?
  2. B

    I want to make more dynamic shots, what slider and tripod should I get.

    I want a relatively cheap but sturdy slider and tripod. My budget is 200-350 for both, I want to use them to make videos of my aquarium, some from 3-4 feet away and some from up close to try to film detailed shots of the critters living in the sand. I also want to film the aquarium from the...
  3. Shael

    Another day at the Zoo

    First time posting here, comments welcome. From the Henry Doorly Zoo: