1. H

    New to Film! Why do all my darks/blacks look so hazy? What am I doing wrong?

    Hello! I am a novice when it comes to film and photography, just having some fun. Recently, all my photos have been a bit disappointing, and I am looking for some advice! I am shooting on an Argus A-Four I found in a thrift shop, (and will probably get a new camera soon) and I am shooting on...
  2. E

    Need Help Identifying Model of Argus Film Camera

    I found this Argus in an antique store the other day and was considering purchasing it. There were no clear model indicators on it and I haven't been able to find it online. The lens is a f/3.5 50mm Coated Cintar. If anyone knows the model, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  3. Judeamarco

    Argus C3 Coupling Gear

    I found an old Argus C3 camera in a pawnshop for a buck but it was missing the coupling gear that connected the rangefinder and the lens. Early google searches for this piece came up with no success. I'd love to have this running for a friend of mine who loves Harry Potter and photography. Is...