astro photography

  1. Orangeray

    Night Photography

    Hey everyone Yesterday I tried my luck with Night Photography. I think it's not a bad start but there's still a lot to improve. The goal was to take a Timelapse over the span of 2-3 hours. I couldn't find anything to put in the foreground of the composition because the Light Pollution was way...
  2. pez

    Moon, Mars, and Venus

  3. U

    Camera and lens for landscape and astrophotography.

    Hi, thinking to buy DSLR or maybe mirrorless FX camera with some really good lens. Firstly let's talk about body. I like Nikon D810 (D810A), Canon 5D Mark IV and Sony a7S II. Nikon is simple to use, at least for me, but Canon has newer body with some features, and Sony is the best with ISO, but...
  4. Akrnnr

    Astro: Bulb vs. Shutter speed

    Okay guys I need help. Usually i can find the answers to stuff like this on elgooG but not this time. I was out taking some astro photos this weekend and couldn't get anything with a set shutter speed. Settings were 18mm/f3.5 iso 3200-6400, 5-25" I wasn't getting any light (black foreground...
  5. TreeofLifeStairs

    Milky Way at Dinosaur Point

    I took this at Dinosaur Point in California. It's about as far away from the city lights I could get in about an hour's drive. It was a new moon that evening and there was a meteor shower going on. Although I did see a lot of shooting stars, none of them were captured. The foreground is a...