1. W

    New to photography.. consider this my baseline from which to improve

    I have no experience with photography other than point and shoot cameras; nor any experience with photo editing. I had a SLR 15 years ago or so, but it was always set to auto. I purchased a new camera and lens for a trip to Alaska, from which I’ve just returned. Now I feel hooked and want to go...
  2. Morten Berg


    This time-lapse video explores the incredible landscapes of Norway. This was a six year long project and showcases my best moments from some of Norway’s most famous nature attractions. From the beautiful fjords to breathtaking views from spectacular and high mountain peaks. I have also included...
  3. M

    Ring in center of my photos?

    Last night I went outside and took some photos of the aurora lights. I noticed that all my photos had a ring (pretty much in the center) that spread outwards. I just want to know how to get rid of the ring and what causes it, Thank You. I was shooting on bulb between five and twenty seconds...