beginner classes

  1. A

    Help editing in photoshop

    Hello everyone, I'm curently working in a homework at my school, I've been days trying to make the butterfly look the most realistic that is possible, but I just can't figure out what else to do cause I still think it looks plain, anyone has any advice? Thank you very much! Screenshot
  2. B

    Using CameraSim??

    I'm really interested in getting into photography but I'd really like to know what I'm doing before I go out a spend some dough on a camera. In my searches for learning photography, I came across this site: DSLR Simulators for Photography Instructors & Students | CameraSim has anyone used it...
  3. TomX88

    'Wanna be a Stock Photographer.

    Hi guys! I am new on this forum, and i would love to do stock photography, total beginner in this field, so i want to ask if people who are skilled in this area , to give me some advices about head start. Thank you all in front.
  4. T

    I need ideas, Rec center classes

    My local rec center has asked me to put on classes for the community, most will own a dslr and I am trying to think of ideas. They want 2-3 hour 1 day classes. I'm thinking composition, but then manual mode might be too big a topic for a 3 hour class....Any help will ideas would be appreciated...