black and white

  1. Max Compose

    Boat Reflection

    Black and white reflection, hope you like it.
  2. Ian McGregor

    Troubled Bridge

    First post, so I hope this is appropriate. This is a black and white shot of a bridge in the Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan under a thunderstorm. Nikon D810, post in PS.
  3. fridaypic

    My friends Marriage Pic midnight Click

  4. CallibCarver

    Stretching Wings | C&C

    I don't typically photograph animals, but while walking the local lake I got a few frames that caught my attention. A bit of a far cry from photographing for publications, events, and people. Thoughts?
  5. spiralout462

    Ilford FP4 125

    Some of my favorites from a roll scanned today...... I LOVE shooting film!!! It has gotten to the point that I only use my DSLR for birds. This one is loosely inspired by the "Dummy Series" by Mike Lamb
  6. BrettMikaluk

    Best of my last film roll

    Hey! So I do want to say before hand, that this is my second full roll of film, so I know it's not perfect but these are my favourite pictures from the roll! 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  7. Holy Name Parish No 71 Gough Ave Toronto Canada

    Holy Name Parish No 71 Gough Ave Toronto Canada

    The Holy Name Parish at No 71 Gough Ave in Toronto Canada. In 2014, the church celebrated it's 100th anniversary. Construction began in 1914 but in the same month the work started, World War I was declared. Building The Holy Name was put on hold as workers all over the city enlisted in the army. The
  8. B

    Beginner shot of the day [3]

    Hi ! I will try to upload one photo I took each day for one month. Here is my 3rd shot I was walking on a fish market when this guy attracted my attention. I was lucky the fisherman allowed me to take it in photo (a lot of photo interdiction in the market). Thank you for your advice :)
  9. B

    Beginner shot of the day [2]

    Hi, I will try to upload one photo I took each day for one month :) This is my second pic ! This is Tokyo's city from one of the highest towers. I can't say why, but i am not really happy about that shot. I think I can do something cool but I don't know how to.
  10. Peakapot

    Black and white nude

    Hi there, I am looking for any good tutorials or advice on taking black and white boudoir photos. My friends wife has asked me to take some photos to be made into a book as a wedding present for her husband. The kind of thing were looking to achieve is similar to the link iv added. Any advice...
  11. Benjo255

    Milan, January 28th, 2016

  12. D-B-J

    On Stellwagen Bank Collecting Fish with NOAA and the USGS

    Hey Everyone! As some of you might know, I'm a graduate student at UCONN, and that's what I do with my real life. We went out this past week to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary on the NOAA R/V Auk, with the intent of collecting the 200 Northern Sand Lance for our research. It was a...
  13. C

    Lajedo do Pai Mateus

    A beautiful place in Paraíba, Brazil. C&C are welcome.
  14. C

    Old Lady

    I was leaving home when I came across this lady at the gate. She was asking for money to buy your eye drops. What draws attention to her are her eyes. Critics and comments are wellcome.
  15. Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    A well used building now serves as a roadside antiques shop near Torrance Ontario. Brian Carson The Learning Curve Photography
  16. Judeamarco

    ColorNeg with BW Negatives

    After impulse buying ColourPerfect and getting a new V550, I wanted to scan a few of my old rolls with VueScan. But... Oh God, I tried watching the tutorial for black and white scans in the ColorNeg site but 5 minutes in, I wanted to go scratch my ears out. Anyone got any experience with...
  17. atiqursumon

    Black and White Mobile apps

    Which is the best apps to make photo for black and white
  18. thelearningcurvefoto

    Trump Tower Toronto Canada

    Trump Tower Toronto Canada by thelearningcurvefoto on Photography Forum The Trump Tower at 325 Bay Street in Toronto Canada. The 65 storey tower is located on the southeast corner of Bay and Adelaide in the heart of the Toronto Financial District. Original photography using a Canon EOS 60D...