1. Vieri

    Mesquite Dunes in detail, Death Valley

    While I love the big vistas, I also like to go looking into smaller detail. There is beauty and landscapes to be found there too. The Footprint, taken at Mesquite Dunes during one of my Workshops in Death Valley last January. Leica S (Typ 007), Leica Vario-Elmar-S 30-90mm and Formatt-Hitech...
  2. koleks

    Remembering Our Grandparents

    Took this at a resort. Think I should have cloned out the ship at the lower right but don't know how to do it as of the moment :-) Sony A6000 / 24mm / f5.6 / 1/200s / ISO100
  3. koleks

    A Bug's Life

    Sorry for consecutive posts, this will be my last for today :-). Took this shot while having lunch in a garden restaurant. Sony NEX-3N / 35mm / f3.5 / 1/60s / ISO200
  4. koleks

    Portrait Lights

    Playing with lights. Is cropping to get the frame you like okay? Comments will be very much appreciated. Sony A6000 / 24mm / f2.2 / 1/200s / ISO1000
  5. koleks

    Black & Wife

    Have been lurking around for quite sometime now and decided to sign up and be part of this group. I am fairly new to photography and mostly shoots family, occasional landscape and almost anything that interests me (mostly at home). Anyway, what I liked from this forum is most are...