1. gossamer

    Strip light for key light for profile pictures

    Hi, I have a D500 with a 24-70mm and I'm trying to set up an environment for taking profile pictures / headshots for a few friends. I also have two Flashpoint XPLOR 600s with two Glow 36" octoboxes and an SB700 flash for lighting the background. I purchased the Fovitec 14x62 strip softbox with...
  2. C

    Bowens Ring flash and Canon 5D

    Hi, I have Bowens Quadmatic flash equipment and I have always shot film. I have recently bought a Canon 5D to try digital. My question is wil I be OK to fire the 3k Bowens quad with the Canon without frying the electronics in the camera. Someone casually mentioned it but had no real knowledge...
  3. R

    Inventory of New parts for Flash Equipment Repair Bowens Calumet etc

    I have an inventory of flash equipment repair parts. THIS IS ESPECIALLY OF INTEREST OF ANYONE THAT REPAIRS EQUIPMENT Thousands of parts They are all manufacturer parts and in packaging. Everything from Circuit Boards, Capacitors switches, diodes. Mostly they are Bowens, Gemini, Calumet...