bronica etrs

  1. hooray4mo

    Trouble with my Bronica ETRS

    I recently got a Zenza Bronica ETRS from ebay. The first couple of rolls I put through it turned out fine for the most part. There was a teeny bit of frame overlap on 2 of the frames, but nothing too extreme. Cut to now, and the film winder wants to keep advancing the film after only a couple...
  2. Judeamarco

    Irregular Film Advancing with the Bronica ETRS

    Hello! So a month ago, I got a Bronica ETRS and loaded some film into it. When shooting with it, everything seems to be working fine except when its nearing the 10th to 13th frame. When I crank it to the next frame, sometimes, it doesn't cock and I rotate it twice or even three times before the...