1. redbourn

    Which type of bulb am I using?

    Hi, I just tried out my new lightbox for the first time. The bulb looks like a CFL so I set the Nikon D4400 to fluorescent and the white plate looks blue. The order looks like this. "Hakutatz Photo Studiolight softbox daylight Boom Stand + boom arm VL-9001 with 40 × 40 cm softbox diffuser +...
  2. Akrnnr

    Astro: Bulb vs. Shutter speed

    Okay guys I need help. Usually i can find the answers to stuff like this on elgooG but not this time. I was out taking some astro photos this weekend and couldn't get anything with a set shutter speed. Settings were 18mm/f3.5 iso 3200-6400, 5-25" I wasn't getting any light (black foreground...