buying advice

  1. M

    What is the best external hard drive with SD card reader?

    I am looking to purchase an external hard drive that has an SD card reader. I think I found three but wasn't sure which one was the best for reliability, durability, compatibility, wireless, and speed. Or, if there were any others I should consider. These are what I found: GNARBOX 2.0...
  2. J

    Hasselblad 503cw purchasing suggestion

    Hi all! I recently purchased a 503cw mint model (2003) on eBay that has been CLA’d in a Janpanses local camera repair services. The whole kit (with boxes) costs around 6000 usd. The seller has good rating and provides a repair documentation of the CLA’d service. When I got the camera, the...
  3. E

    Next Nikon Body after D7000

    Hello everyone, similar questions have likely already been asked, but let me try to outline my di(tri?)lemma I own a D7000 since 2011 (shutter count at 50k+) and by and large I am very happy with it. I own quite a few lenses, several of which are also FX compatible (50mm/1.8, 85/1.8, 70-300...
  4. C

    Looking to upgrade from Rebel T2i

    I know, it's ancient! But it's been my learning camera over the past several years, and it's been great. But it's really getting beat up. And I need and want to step things up now with better features and quality. I don't necessarily need the latest model, but I do want connectivity. I also...
  5. N

    【Help】I'm designer but newbie in photography, Need Help for buying a Camera.

    Hi guys, Recently I’m ready to buy a camera before I always use iPhone to taken photos, that’s okay but I want to start a series career you know, go art direction, street shoot, fashion series etc. I’m a designer, basically, I’m a newbie in the photography field. So I’m indeed a bit...
  6. Alarilue

    Choosing the right studio light setup

    Hi all! I am setting up a photo studio for the sole purpose of photographing my clothing designs, which I sell online. I need a very specific kind of lighting, in that it must reproduce side window light as closely as possible and will be used always to achieve the same effect. I will be in...
  7. J

    Buying first mirrorless camera ... suggestions?

    Budget: 1000-2000 USD What i've looked at so far: sony a600, a6300 and a7r2 Looking for alternatives to the sonys, I've owned two canon DSLR's in the past. Will mainly be taking pictures of landscape and humans. Must Have: Good landscape capabilities ISO and exposure settings for star/space...
  8. A

    Buying first camera!!!!! NEED HELP

    I borrowed my brothers Nikon D3300 for a weekend and absolutely fell in love with photography! I'm looking to buy my first camera and am really getting mixed messages as to where to start. My friend who's amazing at photography suggested I start with something in the Canon t series but I wanted...