1. R

    Shooting Color Neg Film

    Let's say you have a roll of Kodak Portra 400 and you shot it at ISO 320 (1/3 stop) or even a full stop at 200 to purposely overexpose it then develop it normally it at its box speed of 400. Would that be a good idea since it's always better to overexpose color negative film when you're unsure...
  2. B

    Separate bleach and fixer in kit

    Hi all, I have recently got a 'kit' made which was made by a local chemical manufacturer as ready made kits for colour film developing are hard to come by where I live. All the videos I have seen online and discussions make mention of using blix which is the bleach and fixer combined, the kit...
  3. Zaphod2319

    Need some film help

    I am bringing home a Beseler enlarger today. I have never processed film before. I have a Bronica ETRSi coming. I plan on using C41 processing chemicals. Is there specific color 120 films to use knowing I will process it with a C41 kit? 120 films that work better than others with C41? Sorry if...
  4. G

    Is it me or the film?

    I now regret trashing the roll in question and not saving any of the scans, so that I could show the results here. I just found this forum. I developed some color film using the C41 process for the first time. I used a Patterson tank and developed two 35mm rolls at the same time. One roll...