1. L

    identifying camera model

    hello everyone i'm trying to find a brand/model of camera in the screenshot, does anyone recognize that? i will be grateful for any help thanks in advance
  2. Moon33

    Please help me to decide video camera.

    Hello, I am looking for a good Full HD 1080p video camera for my YouTube channel's video. Basically it is a cooking channel. i have two cameras in my "price range". Both are used and in a very good condition :) The first camera is "Canon Legria HF R56 High Definition Camcorder". With 3.2MP, 32x...
  3. footballfan993

    Should I use a DSLR or camcorder for Youtube?

    Hey everyone, so I've always been pretty interested in having/starting a YouTube channel. The channel that I would have would be full of tech reviews, so it would include shots of products, phones, tablets, computers, etc, as well as shots of myself. The question that I have is should I use a...