camera advice

  1. B

    Trying to understand Point and Shoot Film camera Modes

    Hi! I recently purchased a Pentax Espio 738 point and shoot film camera and I’m having trouble trying to gage what ‘mode’ to use. It has multiple different modes (flash, bulb, daylight etc.) however I am never quite sure which one to use. Is it better to use the default mode (no icon displayed...
  2. H

    New to Film! Why do all my darks/blacks look so hazy? What am I doing wrong?

    Hello! I am a novice when it comes to film and photography, just having some fun. Recently, all my photos have been a bit disappointing, and I am looking for some advice! I am shooting on an Argus A-Four I found in a thrift shop, (and will probably get a new camera soon) and I am shooting on...
  3. C

    Nikon Z5 for low-light product photography?

    Hello, I was looking to purchase a strong yet basic beginner-intermediate level DSLR for product photography. Today I went to a local shop and was very disappointed in what was sold to me (A mirrorless Canon M50 EOS Mark II)- I felt it was a step backward instead of forward. I am used to...
  4. M

    What high quality compact camera suggested?

    Hi, i have been taking pictures over 25 years as traveling around the world. I have done a photography course, though I admit I do not know much about photography in the technical sense. However my photographs are beautifully composed and people like them and me too. I owned a professional...
  5. RecorDingPing

    Sony A7 II vs Canon 6D II

    Hi! I can´t decide which camera i´m going to buy! I´m stuck between the Canon 6D II and the Sony A7 II. I shoot mostly landscapes and indoor sports but I also like to shoot some street and night photography. Video is something that I only do occasionally for fun. I like the sony because it´s...
  6. T

    DSLR vs iPhone camera

    I've always loved photography and taking pictures, but I'm only just getting started with learning how to take good pictures and that includes the camera that's used. I have been thinking of getting a good DSLR camera (and stop using my smartphone's crappy one), but since it's very expensive...
  7. jeadows

    Advice & recommendations for macro.

    Hi all, I've been thinking about upgrading my current system sometime over the coming months and I was interested to know if whether any brand does macro better than the other? I currently use a Nikon D3200 paired with my sigma 105mm macro but I have been thinking for a little while about...
  8. jeadows

    Nikon or Canon, something else or nothing?

    Afternoon everyone. I've been thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3200 at some point (not the immediate future, I need time to save and do homework) and mostly shoot and enjoy wildlife, especially macro. Primarily I'd like advice and recommendations for a camera that would be best suited for...