1. camlo5

    My son with new Shirt

    Some shoot was taken few day ago , when i buy new shirt for him . That gift for 4th birthday . My room so small then i can't shoot full body with my camera 70-200mm . . . . Only portrait . Thanks for watching :D
  2. camlo5

    The Line of Light

    Hi Friends . I'm very interesting in shooting light lines on human faces . i learned this shooting style on Youtube and Instagram . Here are some pictures with Natural light and Flash : Thank you for looking at my photos, and I hope someone has the same interests as me . Sorry for error from...
  3. camlo5

    My local photo group has meet ups - VietNamese

    Hi Guys! Nice too meet you ! I'm Local Photographer in VietNam . I want to share you some picture of mine about My local photo group has meet ups ! Thanks for watching ^^