canon 7d mark ii

  1. Squa7ch2112

    Elk -- Valley Park, MO

    Wasn't the greatest light due to all the rain, but I walked away with a couple shots I like. Taken in Lone Elk Park, Valley Park, MO.
  2. Squa7ch2112

    Quincy Bayview Bridge

    Shot this a couple years back while in Quincy, IL after attending a car show. Out of all the times we've visited this is the first where I stuck around long enough to get a shot of bridge and to my surprise it lit up with some colorful lights. Shot with Canon 7D and Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8.
  3. Squa7ch2112

    Just a few in-flight shots from vacation.

    We took a trip to Daytona Beach, FL last year and I had a great time shooting all the various shorebirds and managed to grab some in-flight shots as well. It was a little precarious shooting Pelicans in waist high water with all the waves but weather sealing helped with the sand was a...