canon lenses

  1. P

    50mm or 24mm prime lens??

    im new to photography and have heard these “nifty fifty” lenses are great for portraits and as a regular go to lens. I want to take pictures of my infant son and am trying to find a good one and am torn between these two.. I have a canon sL2 and have the kit lens as well as a 18-250mm.. I know...
  2. P

    concert photography

    Hello, I am new when it's about photography but lately I've been really into concert photpgraphy but i don't really know what kind of lenses are the best for that. I've got Canon 70D with kit lens and Canon 24 mm. Which lenses are the best for that kind of photography ? I would like to buy...
  3. S

    Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 for Canon 1300D - Notice a half oval shape shadow (small) with flash click

    I recently purchased Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens for my 1300D Cannon SLR. I notice a half oval shape shadow (small) in the bottom line of the picture is coming when I click any photo with flash. I have tried click without lens hood but it is still coming. The clear photo is only coming if I click...
  4. oskiper

    Help on 2.8 lenses for Canon.

    Hi! I`m starting to save money for a couple of lenses and I need some help as I'm barely getting started in photography. I do stage photography and my current lenses are a 18-55 EFS kit lens and a 55-250 also EFS. I´m planning to switch to full frame and I have just the range I need because I...