1. Another Summer Day

    Another Summer Day

    Another one of my cats being bored.
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  6. G

    Heyla all

    Hi, I'm fairly new to photography, my Mum gave me a camera to play with that she was not using, Cannon Eos something, I think. I've had it for about a year, and mostly have been playing around with it when I remember. It does help that I have an extremely photogenic cat that even a new photog...
  7. nerwin

    My Cat Luke

    Everyone says I should create an evergoing thread for my cat. So here is some I took today, he was just hanging out by the window. Perfect lighting! He yawned in the middle of taking shots, of course I had to share it! And another yawn. B&W of course.
  8. nerwin

    Luke's Reflection

    Yeah yeah I know...I take lots of pictures of my cat lol. But I really liked this one because of his reflection in the granite. Not saying it's the best shot in the world but I thought it was at least worthy of sharing! Nikon D610 + 50 1.8G f/2, 1/125th, ISO 1600 This was just seconds...
  9. nerwin

    I Would Like You To Meet Luke

    It's been a year since Ziva got sick and had to be put down, I'm sure you all remember me posting pictures of her. I figured it was time to move on and started looking at animal shelters and thought I'd adopt instead and I found this little guy. He's only 7 months old and was originally...
  10. seniza

    hi to all from mar del plata , buenos aires

    i m glad to join like a member of your comunity hope show and lear more about this.
  11. nerwin

    Comfy Kitty

    I was just playing around with my camera this morning so settings are a tad off but I really liked the shot and wanted to share it. Nikon D610 + 50 1.8G 1/100th @ f/2 and ISO 5600 It was actually pretty dark in the room.
  12. nat3wall

    My cat oliver

    1. He was staring at the camera for .1 of a second. 2. And then he got distracted
  13. nerwin

    Ziva Enjoying the Fresh Air

    It was 53f yesterday and very sunny. I opened a window to let some of the fresh spring air in and my cat, Ziva, had to jump in the window. I just love the light that was coming in. Saw a photo op. She's a indoor only cat by the way so I can't really take pictures of her outside. Nikon D610 +...
  14. D-B-J

    Happy Halloween From Lily to You!!

    Isn't she adorable? Shot with a single Profoto B2, and a 24" Octabox. _RSP0147 by f_one_eight, on Flickr _RSP0137 by f_one_eight, on Flickr _RSP0127 by f_one_eight, on Flickr Cheers! Jake