1. gossamer

    Product photography - review please

    Hi, I have a D500 and a 24-70mm 2.8 and trying to take some product shots of pet toys. I'm not a complete novice, but working with light is where I need the most help, and also haven't done much product photography before. I recently bought a basic two-light CFL reflective umbrella setup along...
  2. redbourn

    Can I use natural light and a 5500 cfl together?

    I searched for the answer to this for 20 minutes on the web and found nothing, which surprised me. Can I use natural light and a 5500 cfl together? Thanks for any help, Michael P.S. Well I can use them together of course, but what will be the result? ;-)
  3. redbourn

    Which type of bulb am I using?

    Hi, I just tried out my new lightbox for the first time. The bulb looks like a CFL so I set the Nikon D4400 to fluorescent and the white plate looks blue. The order looks like this. "Hakutatz Photo Studiolight softbox daylight Boom Stand + boom arm VL-9001 with 40 × 40 cm softbox diffuser +...
  4. redbourn

    Mixing daylight and CFL

    A lightbox that I ordered arrived today, along with a diffuser, silver and white reflectors with a stand and a 150w CFL bulb. I have a lot of natural diffused light in my apartment and I have shutters for the windows. So should I close the shutters when I shoot using the lightbox? I am using...