1. K


    I was just in Chicago and going back soon. I found a few amazing spots to shoot. I will be back in a few months and would love to get more and hear your feedback? I would love to meetup for a photo walk or something as well!
  2. [Dillz]

    A day in Chicago (street photography)

    Hello all! I went to Chicago for the first time last week and this is what I saw. Please leave any comments or questions below. I am just recently getting into street photography and I love it! Behance
  3. footballfan993

    Things to photograph in Chicago?

    So I'm going to be going to Chicago next month, with my family and am looking for some things that are great for photographing. Of course, I'll get the Bean, possible the Sears (It will always be the Sears to me!) Tower. I'm not sure exactly where all we will be going, as I'm going with my...