1. primefactor123

    Playing With Light

  2. BasilFawlty

    Granddaughter's first Christmas

    My new Canon 5D Mark IV arrived the day before Christmas. I was able to set up my Soobie soft box with a speedlight and take some shots of our one and only Grand Child (so far).
  3. Sarah Allyn Photo

    Christmas Photo (Yes, it's February).

    It's late, but I wanted to share my "family portrait." Yes, this is supposed to be funny.
  4. Destin

    Christmas Light Portraits (Sigma 135 1.8 test)

    Wanted to put my new Sigma 135 1.8 ART to the test at the job I bought it for; portraiture. I recruited a friend of mine to play with Christmas lights and pose for me and got the following photos. All photos shot with D810 and 135 1.8 ART. All photos were shot wide open with shutter speeds...
  5. I

    My first B&W photo

    Quiet Christmas morning.
  6. metcwill333

    Opinions on this photo?

    For anyone wondering, it's the top of a snowglobe. :)
  7. metcwill333

    Christmas Day 2015 Full Moon

    Shot on a tripod with a focal length of 300mm F-Stop: f/8 Shutter Speed: 1/60 sec. ISO: 100
  8. footballfan993

    Taking a good group selfie?

    hi, so I'm celebrating my family Christmas with my family tomorrow and I am wondering what is a good way to take a group selfie, with myself in the shot. Should I use manual mode or set it up on automatic? My equipment is a canon rebel t5, I have a tripod, and reflectors I have a 50mm 1:1.8 II...
  9. footballfan993

    Photos with Santa!

    So, I have just learned that Santa (who is very much a real person!) is coming to my local Kwik Trip store in Stevens Point, WI. And I was wondering if I could as my boss, at Kwik Trip if I could take picture of the kids with Santa. I am pretty new to photography, and I haven't really taken many...