Church at night

    I was going for something dramatic baroque. Higher contrast less greys. How does it look?
  2. Church at night

    Church at night

  3. 2022-12-03 St. Cletus (7).jpg

    2022-12-03 St. Cletus (7).jpg

  4. 2022-12-03 St. Cletus (6).jpg

    2022-12-03 St. Cletus (6).jpg

  5. 2022-12-03 St. Cletus (5).jpg

    2022-12-03 St. Cletus (5).jpg

  6. 2022-12-03 St. Cletus (4).jpg

    2022-12-03 St. Cletus (4).jpg

  7. 2022-12-03 St. Cletus (3).jpg

    2022-12-03 St. Cletus (3).jpg

  8. 2022-12-03 St. Cletus (2).jpg

    2022-12-03 St. Cletus (2).jpg

  9. 2022-12-03 St. Cletus (1).jpg

    2022-12-03 St. Cletus (1).jpg

  10. M

    Sinner's Welcome.

    I didn't know if I should have taken it or not, I decided to take it, Any CC welcome.
  11. Soocom1

    La Misión San Antonio

  12. Vieri

    San Giovanni in Ranui, Dolomites

    When you arrive to the tiny church of San Giovanni in Ranui, on the Dolomites (Italy), you are faced with one of these classic views that have been photographed to death but which timeless beauty is just undeniable. On a beautiful May sunset, I forewent the sunset colours and portrayed it in a...
  13. D7K

    Sveti Ioan Letni - (St. John the Baptist)

    Been busy working and not been able to shoot much lately, so last weekend we agreed to get away for the night and decided to head to a dam not too far from us with the aim of shooting the sunset at this church. Sv. Ioan Letni is an inactive medieval church on the shore (Well, cliff) of Pchelina...
  14. D7K

    St. Stephen's Basilica at Sunrise

    Even when on vacation we planned and committed to rising early with an idea of seeing the sunrise behind St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest. PhotoPills helped me out with when and where it was rising and so we headed out and I shot through the blue hours into the morning. Here's one of the...
  15. M

    Walking Down San Antonio Downtown.

    While walking down town San Antonio I noticed a fence full of locks, it seemed pretty awesome. This was taken with Sony A6000 at 50MM with a 18-105mm lens
  16. D7K

    The Batak Massacre

    A few shots taken whilst we were travelling last weekend. The massacre in Batak was a brutal part of the April Uprising in Bulgaria in 1876. Following reaching a "Peace agreement" for the Turkish and Bashi-Bozouk to leave the town in peace on the condition that the town disarmed and following...
  17. r0r5ch4ch

    A golden walk

    Hi, one of the beautiful churches of Puebla/Mexico. This is located near Zocalo. A golden walk by Tobias Zimmermann, auf Flickr
  18. M

    Beyond the Wall

    In the famous town of Kotor, Montenegro, visitors may opt to take a grueling hike up the imposing city walls. These walls ascend straight up the steep Dinaric Alps, ending at the St John Fortress which overlooks Kotor. The vantage from the top offers stunning views of Kotor Bay, and for that...
  19. Holy Name Parish No 71 Gough Ave Toronto Canada

    Holy Name Parish No 71 Gough Ave Toronto Canada

    The Holy Name Parish at No 71 Gough Ave in Toronto Canada. In 2014, the church celebrated it's 100th anniversary. Construction began in 1914 but in the same month the work started, World War I was declared. Building The Holy Name was put on hold as workers all over the city enlisted in the army. The