1. T

    Need help identifying antique wood camera

    Hi, all. I'm trying to find out more about this camera I was gifted. Any info or leads would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. S

    Old projector collectibles

    my parents bought a house In Rural Utah that used to be a theater in the mid 40s and still have the projectors is there somewhere I can learn how to use them or learn more about them thanks!
  3. MichaeltheAmateur

    I'm new -Hello and have a ? you've heard a million times

    Hey folks, Hope not to bore you with asking this same old question, you have heard 1000 times. My father in law passed away leaving behind 3 or 4 THOUSAND SLR cameras and various lens. There was so much gear that I couldn't move it all so some of it was auctioned off with the other contents of...
  4. Mitica100

    Facebook Collector's Group

    For those camera collectors wanting to belong to a larger Collector's Group, Facebook has the Internet Directory of Camera Collectors group. I've belonged to IDCC for some time now but I've just discovered that they had a FB page. Very knowledgeable people there!
  5. Mitica100

    La Cabane aux Images

    Going to visit my stomping grounds in mid-June and I found this little gem of a camera collector museum to visit. The museum belongs to a French photographer and collector, he moved to a little village near Bran (of Dracula's Bran Castle fame) and married a Romanian lady. As I understand he...