color management

  1. E

    Shooting Color and B&W simultaneously

    Hi all, First time here. Just got a D7000 and someone told me I could set the camera to shoot both Color & BW at the same time(camera will produce two pictures) but I cannot figure out how to set this up. Do I need to use both SD slots and then assign instructions for each? Thank in advance for...
  2. S

    Screen Calibration help!

    Hey there! I recently calibrated my screen with my new Spyder 5 Express and now the colors seem off and my black and white images are very warm and almost sepia-ish. I was wondering if anyone who is accustomed with screen calibrations or has a calibrated screen can figure out if I did something...
  3. LeaNC

    Should I delete my old calibration software/profile?

    - I apologize if I am posting this question in the wrong place, I could not find a color management specific section on this forum. - While taking a Color management course at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh a few years back, I had downloaded the software Eye-One Match and rented a high-end...