1. JustBen

    Sandhill Crane Festival - Monte Vista, CO

    Hi all, I just read about this festival coming up 10-12 March. I would like to take this opportunity to get some nice shots of Sandcranes but I would like to avoid the main crowd during the festival days. I assume that the festival is held at the peak of the migration but I guess that one...
  2. Tailgunner

    Ice Racing (Nikon D800)

    I don't usually record videos with my DSLR, so be gentle. Anyhow, I was checking out the local Colorado ice races on a frozen lake and the distance was a bit much for my gopros. So I switched from still shots to recording video with my D800 w/24-120 F4. This was shot free hand, so there is...
  3. M

    Woodworking - Photographing Furniture and Interiors

    Hello all, I'm brand new to the page so forgive any naiveté. I own a small woodworking business in Broomfield, Colorado and I am hoping to bring the business to the next level through proper representation on social media. My photos thus far have been taken via smart phone and it is becoming...
  4. Tailgunner

    Colorado Winter drive Gopro 4 Black 4K

    This sub-forum seems a stagnate, so I figured I would post some stuff. I'm in the process of switching out my Gopro 4's for Gopro 5's...including a modified 5. In the mean time I figured I would post up a video I shot in Boulder Colorado driving up Flagstaff mountain and ending at Boulder's...
  5. Msteelio91

    A trip to the Colorado Rockies

    Just sharing - All taken during a recent trip to CO, first time there and had a blast. Denver is one of the first cities I've been to in a long time that I could easily see myself moving to in the near future. Enjoy! DENVER2016-91 by Matt Steele, on Flickr DENVER2016-90 by Matt Steele, on...