1. Somu

    Fall Colors in California

    Guys - any recommendations this year? With COVID, felt like it's a good idea to go on a day trip or one night stay trip from Bay Area....
  2. Charles Morse

    First Step Of A Thousand Mile Journey

    Ahem ... Tap Tap Tap I guess this is the forum for me. After struggling with a sport camera for the last three years, I finally made the giant leap to a point & shoot two days ago. I must say the transition has inspired me to seek out this, my first photography forum in the hope of finding the...
  3. Charles Morse

    Greetings From Canada

    Just a quick hello and thank you for the great forum and amazing pictures. As I head on into my late fifties I find that many of my Fathers interests have become my own. I always had a passing interest in his 35 mm & assorted equipment through the 60's to the 90's. I can only imagine how...
  4. nicolasnico

    Screen calibration (Spyder5)???

    Hi there, I have a AOC screen i2769VM, calibrated today with Spyder5 Elite. Yet, I'm not satisfied of the result yet. It's not bad, but colors looks maybe a bit yellowish (reddish), and it seems too dark. Now, my picture looks better on my Android screen. Any advice, feedback, thought...