1. P

    Recreating that commercial look?

    . For example: Overview | Aaron Smith Photography All the exif data are in the jpg's, what gear and lens does this person use?. how does one learn to take shots like these but more gear towards fashion? is it possible to do this standalone? best,
  2. Sarah Allyn Photo

    Business Licenses and SmugMug

    Hello! Last year I obtained my DBA license in commercial photography which in Anchorage, Alaska falls under science and technical services. This is perfect because I am, professionally, focusing on small business shoots at the moment. I am also interested, and a little hesitant (due to their...
  3. BoldArtist

    Adding Photography to my Artistic Repertoire

    Hello, I am a mid-forties former Freelance Journalist, Juvenile Counselor and many other jobs I've dabbled in. You name it, I likely have tried it. I honestly have a Psych. degree from 20 years ago but have just finished a more traditional Art degree as well. I hope to attend grad. school in...
  4. S

    Background colour; Different on all images even though same exact settings

    Hey! I have this problem that keeps coming up. I am currently taking photos of artwork in studio. All the photos were taken with exact same lighting/camera settings and all photos were batched in lightroom. Why am I getting such different outcomes in exposure/white balance? I have been told...
  5. P

    Pricing help - For the use of my fine art photo for limited copyright

    Fellow proffesional photographers can you give me some advice? I was contacted by an art consultation company in Sri Lanka that has a client interested in purchasing my fine art photograph to use in 41 of their rooms in a 5 star luxury hotel there. They want to get a quote from me for a...
  6. Ruth Ellen Brown

    Shoot Hijacking...

    Hi, I'm posting for an opinion on something that left me feeling quite disturbed the other day... Long story short, another photographer came to my shoot uninvited and shot every setup I had created. The shoot was for an extremely high profile client and my makeup artist cancelled at the...
  7. osumisan

    Stock Photography

    For the past year, I have been dedicating time and energy to building an online stock photography library. My favorite sites to use have been iStock, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Pond5, Big Stock, Deposit Photo, and 123RF. I was wondering if there were other like minded photographers out...