1. K

    Best lenses for Sony a6000??

    hello friends, totally new to photography. I'm into taking pictures of cars, people and animals. What are the best lenses for these types of shoots? Thanks:)
  2. JennaLeighWeddings

    Hawaii mountaintop couple shoot

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share some from this couple that hiked the Lanikai pillbox hike in Hawaii. This is normally a somewhat easy hike, but once the sun goes down it starts to get treacherous.
  3. Solacedescent

    Keeping photos alive in the dull season?

    So fall is almost on it's way out and everything is starting to look dead, and dull. So I was wondering if any of you had a few tips on how to keep photos looking great and alive during this period while I wait for the snow to arrive. I do mostly portrait work and will be shooting a couple soon.