1. Modifeye

    Creative fall photo idea to try!

    A quick tutorial on how to make fun fall photos like this one!
  2. Modifeye

    Extremely proud of my latest photo manipulation!

    This is my latest project titled "Artificial Beauty" ... I included a few images of the behind-the-scenes process - no stock images were used. Would love to hear your thoughts! If this sort of work interests you then I encourage you to follow me along on Instagram (@Modifeye), I post there...
  3. Modifeye

    This is what happens when you pin a location in Google

    Who woulda thought? :biggrin-new:
  4. C

    Lensbaby creative aperture disks

    Anyone know where I can get a set of creative aperture disks (or blank ones) at a reasonable price? 3rd party ones used to be available on ebay but can't find any now.
  5. k.udhay

    How to get a blurry romantic landscape background?

    Hello, I saw this pic (attachment) and was amazed by the feel it gave. How can one achieve such a blurry landscape other than the subject. Would it have been done by two layers of one short and the other long exposure? Any way of capturing this in a single shot and process in photoshop to get a...