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  1. CreationsByCray

    Self-Portrait Test Shot/Edit

    As mentioned in my welcome post, I am looking into getting into sports and fitness photography in the very near future. Obviously, I will be doing plenty of practice before I fully emerge into this. I decided one night to take a self portrait of myself to test out my Olympus Stylus VR-30...
  2. GMML

    General feedback for a noob who knows the basics.

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this... I've been photographing for 6months now and know most of the basics of photography. I only shoot in manual, have an ok understanding of hardware, lighting, composition and post (I think... I hope?). I'm looking into...
  3. KalitheArtist

    Nature Walk

    I went on a nature walk today, with the same lens as before, hopefully these are better than the last ones. Haha. I have some more of some little birds and ducks, but I don't feel they're good enough to keep. I don't know. Maybe I'll post them.
  4. spmakwana

    C&C required for my photos

    Hello, I want some C&C of my photos so I can improve my photography. Below is the links. All shots are taken with my average Point and Shoot. So they are originally very soft I can't do much about that. Sunset HDR Sunset Lotus Flower Fort HDR Mount Abu
  5. S

    Trying to progress

    I have been shooting for about a year now with my Sony a200 and would like to see what I need to improve upon. Thanks