1. GMML

    General feedback for a noob who knows the basics.

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this... I've been photographing for 6months now and know most of the basics of photography. I only shoot in manual, have an ok understanding of hardware, lighting, composition and post (I think... I hope?). I'm looking into...
  2. Taybrode

    Looking for some photo critique

    I have recently become more interested in photography, however I've come to realize that I really do not know a lot about the field. Books and websites are helpful of course, but they can only teach so much. Basically I'm just looking for some advice or critiquing of my photos. Maybe some advice...
  3. Th3KatsMeow

    Beginner looking for some more advice

    Ok so I Posted here last month and after taking all the comments I would like for new advice on my last 9 pics derek corcoran Thanks Everyone.