1. G

    Nikon D300S Dark View Finder and Photos Please Help

    I hav a D300s with under 14K shutter counts. Currently will not take any of my DX or FX lenses (dark view finder and pohotos). As a matter of fact, it only works with a 20mm F2.8 AF Nikkor lens. Live view is also dark with DX lenses. Dark photo shows with DX lens, bright photo with 20mm F2.8...
  2. Justin TW

    Out of the game for a while. Looking to upgrade. Help?

    Hey there! First time posting here and looking for a bit of help. I have been away from photography for a good couple years now and I'm finding my way back to it. I have been doing some research and I think its time to upgrade my now older gear. I currently have a Nikon D300s and even though I...