1. A

    Posed Dance Portraits

    I'm going to be taking group and individual photos for a local dance studio in advance of their recital. Questions for experts in this area: 1. Should I use a drapery backdrop or simple, solid 10x20? Pros/cons? 2. Recommendations for the best off-camera flash set up? 3. Which lens do you prefer...
  2. A

    One magic moment creates multi award-winning beauty

    The picture is of Alayna Ng, professional ballerina from New Zealand. <Link removed>
  3. calamityjane

    Good Week (for a change!)

    Great week this week. More working with clients than being bullied by 'colleagues'. Hurrah! Two days spent with the wonderful NYDC (National Youth Dance Company), photographing their dress rehearsals and preparation. Plus one day spent on a (speculative) photocall for a new, immersive...