darkroom printing

  1. Mika Hawley

    Print Viewing Lighting

    Hey all! Over lockdown, unable to access my community darkroom, I built out my own in my bathroom. Super happy with how it’s worked out for me, and so glad to have the resources on this site to aid the process! I decided recently to foray into color printing for the first time (RA-4) and it’s...
  2. L

    Chemistry Sequence

    Hi all, Apologies for the newbie question, but I'm curious as to what is the correct sequence for chemistry in the darkroom? I'm looking to do selective bleaching on a few prints. Is it: -develop -stop -fix (x2) -wash/hold -selective bleaching -fix (x2) -selenium tone -final wash Thanks for...
  3. xenskhe

    (archive.org) Build It Yourself Enlargers and Enlarging Accessories. 1938.

    A complete Manual for home built Enlargers of every variety, including miniature and portable enlargers, enlarging accessories, etc. Full text of "Build It Yourself Enlargers And Enlarging Accessories"