1. S

    Black Distortion Around Edge of RAW Images

    Every 5-10 photos I take with my new Fuji XT3 camera in RAW, I discover unsettling bars of black located at the top of the image which distorted and skews the edges. I was wondering if there is an in camera setting to get rid of this, software update, or just a defective camera? Imgur What...
  2. B

    Photographic Distortion

    My question is someone theoretical in nature. If I needed to photograph a 12x8 foot flat object that is standing vertically (perpendicular to a camera on a tripod), using a 18-55mm lens, how far back would I need to stand so that I wouldn't have distortion in the picture?
  3. imagespeak

    Blur & Distortion Around Egdes of Images

    Hi All, I have a Nikon D90 which I've had for 6 years now. It's been around the world several times and dropped, knocked and bumped about. However, it's performance has been flawless until about a month ago when I noticed that the edge of all images was blurred. It looks as iff I've applied a...