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    DNG Files: A summary of my research

    I’ve purchased a new Canon camera, one whose RAW format is not supported by my ancient Adobe CS6 tools. One option around buying new software is to convert the new RAW files to DNG format. I started to educate myself on what that might mean. This post is my research, should it prove useful to...
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    Usefulness/Uselessness of DNG as an archival format

    With Photoshop CS6 no longer getting RAW updates and me looking at some new cameras, I've been considering alternatives. One alternative is to convert my (future) CR2 files to DNG—I could then continue to use Photoshop C6. So I've started reading about the pros and cons of DNG files. A number...
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    Why the intensity value of DNG out of the range Matlab shows(blacklevel & whitelevel)?

    When using Matlab to deal with a DNG picture,it shows that the BlackLevel and WhiteLevel is 2047 and 15000 respectively. But there still exists a weird phenomenon that the intensity values of some pixels are out of this range (2047-15000), such as 1997, 15297. Why???
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    My phone is taking blue colored RAW photos

    Hi everyone! I just bought my new Huawei P8 Lite 2017. I think it has a great camera for this price. It does support camera2api, so I have a lot of manual setting. (ISO, Shutter speed, manual focus etc.) But the main camera app doesn't have DNG option. But some third-party apps support it. But...