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    Doubt with digital photography properties (size, dpi)

    I'm an amateur photographer with very little experience, but today I saw a notice calling for photo submissions for an exhibition in my town and I'd like to send some photos I took. But they have some requirements regarding the file's properties, and I know nothing about it. The requirements...
  2. D

    Help with Samsung SL820 (Old, Brand New Camera)

    I just bought a brand new Samsung SL820. Yes, I know, they came out in 2009, but this one is brand new, sealed in the box. Power up took me through the set up menus, (Fresh). And the First Picture I snapped was picture number 1. It is awesome! The scroll wheel lets me go from stills to HD video...
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    Convert to CMYK

    Hello, i have a picture that i will send to a press to get printed, but the press want the picture to be in CMYK and 300dpi minimum. How do i convert this file/picture to cmyk and how do i check how many dpi it have? The picture is now in sRGB and 3072x3072 px.