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  1. S

    Sony a7rii Lens Choice with or without Metabones adapter

    Hi guys first post and thanks for having me. OK I a converted Canon 5D Markii guy to my new Sony a7rii which I love as you can imagine I have plenty of Canon glass so the first thing I did was to buy the Metabones adapter for my glass. Now I am looking to buy further lenses and want to know...
  2. D

    Tamron Adapt-A-Matic 300mm f5,6-Canon EF

    Hi, I'm new and had a question about the Tamron Adapt-A-Matic line from the 70's. Since I was born in 1996 This lens is twice as old as me and I have no clue of what I got in my hands. I got a Canon 70D so I need a converter from Adapt a matic (the mount of the lens) to EF. Now I know that...
  3. oskiper

    Help on 2.8 lenses for Canon.

    Hi! I`m starting to save money for a couple of lenses and I need some help as I'm barely getting started in photography. I do stage photography and my current lenses are a 18-55 EFS kit lens and a 55-250 also EFS. I´m planning to switch to full frame and I have just the range I need because I...