1. goattobekidding

    Equine Photography - Which camera/lens kit will do the job?

    Hey all. I'm brand new and happy to be here. I look forward to all of your advice, as I know I'm exactly where I ought to be. Here's the situation: I am looking to get into professional equine photography. I've owned and worked with horses majority of my life, have taken a few photography...
  2. purpleroan

    Horse Show Shots

    Just posting for general critique. I've only shot one other show before this, and it was far more casual..looking for some feedback as far as how to improve for the next time around!
  3. S

    Matthew Seed ?

    Hi, Has anyone heard of Matthew Seed? I love him equine work but was wondering how you get the effect he gets with lighting. I currently own Nikon D610, Nikkor 70-300mm and Nikkor 50mm 1.8. I know he must use a flashgun of some sort but was wondering if you could get this effect with just an...