1. M

    Use Nikon D5600 as webcam

    I'm trying to use my Nikon D5600 as a PC webcam, but when I connect the camera to the PC (Windows 10) with a Micro USB cable (to be clear, the same I usually use to transfer photos from the camera to the PC), and I try to open Windows Camera, this message appears: We can't find your camera [bla...
  2. Flavio

    X-T20 problems

    Hi, I've sold my nikon d610 and lenses 6 months ago and bought the fuji x-t20. I'm happy with my switch overall, although have found some unexpected issues. Sometimes when I focus, the EVF flickers. Recently I could not playback the photos I've just taken, solved this by formating the card but...
  3. S

    Is the canon eos 700d a reliable camera?

    Recently I bought a canon eos 700D through eBay and in less than a month it got a message on the screen saying error 20 which I saw is a mechanical error so I had to return it. I'm thinking about buying the same camera again but from a more reliable store and I was wondering, is the canon eos...
  4. D

    Color patterns in photo

    Hello Experts, I have an old picture of my grandpa on my laptop. It was all right when I saved it. Today I opened the picture and found the colour patterns over it. I exactly do not know the reason of these spots. I want to make it same as before.
  5. Samuel.z

    I can't upload photos.

    Hello i'm new here at the forum and as a photographer. im trying to upload a few of my photos but i keep getting the following error messages. "Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again. IMG_5268.jpg" or "Our gallery currently accepts images only...