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  1. M

    Canon EOS T8i/850D for weddings and other events photography

    Hello, I wanted to know because I am just stating out in wedding and other event photography is Canon EOS T8i/850D a good camera to start with? I wont have any issues with focus when taking stills of groups, moving subjects and couple portraits right? Will this camera be able to keep up with...
  2. Jcederroth94

    shooting a Stadium event, help

    so recently I got hired as a photographer for my school. shooting events, speakers, clubs... tonight I am shooting an event in the basketball stadium that consists of speakers, stage acts, and videos. I have no information other than the name of the event location and time so I have no idea...
  3. Yevgeniya

    criticize my work

    Hello to everyone! I'm a photographer from far Kazakhstan. I'm prof in my country, but not sure that my works are in world level. Please, see my food photos on me web-site Профессиональный фотограф в Астане I need a critical view.