1. Have a great day

    Have a great day

    The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.
  2. Mitica100

    Facebook Collector's Group

    For those camera collectors wanting to belong to a larger Collector's Group, Facebook has the Internet Directory of Camera Collectors group. I've belonged to IDCC for some time now but I've just discovered that they had a FB page. Very knowledgeable people there!
  3. G

    Avoid the dirty look of the picture when uploaded on Facebook?

    I took and edited a picture. It was for embbeding it in a forum like this one. For that I uploaded it on Facebook. Unfortunately it altered the image giving it a dirty appearance: I then uploaded it to Google Drive to see if it looked better. It did: Do you see the difference? So my...
  4. D

    New member!

    Hello everyone, I came here because I am interrested in photography. I prefer wildlife photography, especially birds even if they are hard to take on picture! Recently I made a Facebook page named "AD - Wildlife Photography". If you want to see my pictures and/or if you are interrested in this...
  5. A


    Hi there i have a beautiful facebook page dedicated to photos and photography, i am just an amateur but i would sure appreciate your support, give me a like, share my photos if you really really like them, send requests to your friends to join me, like my page and stay with me on this adventure...
  6. footballfan993

    Social Media

    Do you use social media to promote your photography? What kinds do you use? What are some good tips on using it. Do you use hashtags, what do you use hashtags for? I currently have a website, that doesn't have much on it at the moment, I'm still in the process of learning code. I do also have a...
  7. footballfan993

    Social media guides

    So Other than a website, and/or Facebook page, do you use any other social media, such as Instagram, which just released multiple account support or twitter? What kind of tips do you have?Instagram adds official support for multiple accounts on iOS
  8. footballfan993

    How to get clients in a small town

    I have recently started to take up photography as a side hobby/job. I have made a facebook page specifically dedicated to my photography. I have also put a few ads out on Craigslist, asking if there are people that need a photographer for an event of senior photos. I haven't had much luck...