faroe islands

  1. Vieri

    Four of Risin og Kellingin, on the Faroe Islands

    When I go around photographing, I always love to learn about the myths and legends attached to the places I shoot. I find them to be very inspiring, and when I can't find any, I always make up stories of my own instead. Risin og Kellingin, or The Giant and The Witch, are two sea stacks off the...
  2. Vieri

    Four B&W from the Faroe Islands

    Good morning everyone! I always loved B&W and created some of my most exhibited work with it, but lately I have been shooting even more in B&W, something that suits my mood and vision much better, these days. Here are four B&W shots from the Faroe Islands: Phase One IQ4 XT- Rodenstock HR 90mm...
  3. Vieri

    Four in colour from the Faroe Islands

    Hello everyone, sorry for the long absence, I have been busy traveling first, and getting rid of Covid after - now I am back, with some new colour work from the Faroe Islands! Phase One XT, Phase One IQ4, Rodenstock 32mm Phase One XT, Phase One IQ4, Rodenstock 32mm Phase One XT, Phase One...
  4. Chrisdu400

    Faroe Islands - natural shots

    Recently I was thinking about going to a photography journey in the Faroe Islands as it seems that the archipelago is one of the most photogenic places on earth! Edit (Moderator): Photos not taken by poster removed.