fashion photography

  1. P

    What are some tips and tricks you can give me to take better fashion photography of myself by myself

    to post on blogs, social media. i want a well composed sharp shot every time and i feel like mounting a camera on tripod with remote might not get me the photo i want. having someone experience to take the shot for you would be ideal because of composition and having the eyes and of course...
  2. N

    【Help】I'm designer but newbie in photography, Need Help for buying a Camera.

    Hi guys, Recently I’m ready to buy a camera before I always use iPhone to taken photos, that’s okay but I want to start a series career you know, go art direction, street shoot, fashion series etc. I’m a designer, basically, I’m a newbie in the photography field. So I’m indeed a bit...
  3. Alarilue

    Choosing the right studio light setup

    Hi all! I am setting up a photo studio for the sole purpose of photographing my clothing designs, which I sell online. I need a very specific kind of lighting, in that it must reproduce side window light as closely as possible and will be used always to achieve the same effect. I will be in...
  4. trinidadgonzalezsardi

    I'm looking for advice on becoming a fashion photographer

    Hi guys! This is my first thread in the forum, so be gentle if I make any mistake. I've been doing photography since forever (my first camera was a Mickey Mouse green one that my parents gave to me when I was 5 y.0. and i've never stopped since then). Today, with 21 y.0., I'm trying to make my...
  5. daisyish

    1st Post! Need Critique on a Photo's Edits

    Before: After: Hello everyone! My name is Daisy, and this is my first post! I've had a fashion blog ( for about three years now, and I've always edited my own photos. I don't consider myself a professional, but I hope to improve my skills through this forum! That...