1. photoflyer

    For you aviation enthusiasts

    A fellow pilot and I departed Manassas (KHEF) at 5pm to perform practice approaches. At 7pm, when we returned, Fifi, a B-29 and a few other WW II aircraft had snuck in. They are doing a flyover on the 4th in DC. Ironically, they are on our ramp, so I can walk right up next to them with no...
  2. KAP Jasa

    Old school in a hi-tech world

    Hi all! Here is a short article on Medium about subtle differences using an old-school kite or an uber-tech drone for aerial photography. With some kite aerial photos, of course :-)
  3. KAP Jasa

    Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Hi everyone! We are two kite aerial photography enthusiasts from Ljubljana, taking photos from the air in a most natural, organic and gluten-free way: with a kite. We are currently using four different single line kites (each suitable for different wind conditions) for lifting two cameras, a...
  4. TBox9

    Question for frequent traveling photographers

    I have recently upgraded to a higher end camera and some really good lenses. I don't fly much, but when I do I would like to take my camera with me. My question is for those of you that travel (fly) frequently and take your equipment with you. Looking for advice on whether to check everything...
  5. footballfan993

    Thinking of getting a drone, but not sure yet...

    As many of you know, drones are going to be a big seller this holiday season!!! I have seen some video, and pictures shot from a drone, and they look amazing! Because of the amazing capabilities of aerial photography, I am interested in purchasing a drone. I'm really only interested in 2...
  6. AerialExplorer

    Aerial videos of fortresses, churches and landscapes

    Hey everyone, So I have been working long and hard all summer to perfect my drone for capturing aerial video and here is some of the shots I have captured over the summer.