focus point

  1. P

    Sony A7R3 issues with keeping focus on static object (due to humidity?)

    Hi all, I’ve been having some focus issues with my Sony A7R3 and I’m wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem? This happened to me while using AF-S single shooting to focus on still sceneries or object. First the camera focuses onto the subject but then it loses focus quickly...
  2. J

    Check my thinking on hyperfocus and night photography

    I'm learning to use the PhotoPills app on my phone. I have it set to my D7000 camera, and 35mm lens. It shows my hyperfocus for f11 as being 17'11". Since I don't carry a tape measure with me, is there any reason to not just pace off 20' to set my focus point, assuming that moving the beginning...
  3. birdbonkers84

    Blue tit between the branches

    1. Wee blue tit by Mark Coull, on Flickr Was out for a walk with the dog and other half at the weekend, managed to spot this little thing hiding between the branches. Managed to get my focus point on it. And as a plus the blue tit was looking straight at me! Make sure to click on the image...