1. joshuatdlr

    Shooting the Stars

    I've been practicing shooting the stars, but they don't turn out as good as I wish they would. Any tips on how to do better long exposures? I shoot on a crop sensor if that has any impact on my results. I would eventually like to do time lapses of the galaxy.
  2. G

    Back to fully manual - some focus questions...

    I recently purchased a 12mm Samyang fully manual lense. The lense if 12mm f2.0-f22. This is a fantastic addition to my collection and has really opened up eyes, not only to the types of photography now available to me, but to how much 'basic' photography skills I have never had to think about...
  3. Ravenskydancer

    Hi I'm Raven Sky and new to Sony

    Need suggestions to determine when my new a77 is properly focused in manual mode. Tips appreciated.
  4. B

    Beginner shot of the day [3]

    Hi ! I will try to upload one photo I took each day for one month. Here is my 3rd shot I was walking on a fish market when this guy attracted my attention. I was lucky the fisherman allowed me to take it in photo (a lot of photo interdiction in the market). Thank you for your advice :)
  5. C

    Mamiya 6 with 75mm

    How many users are out there have noticed with their 75mm lens that it is not as "buttery smooth" as other lenses of this caliber? I'm considering buying this camera off of a person who says the camera is in excellent shape - but his only "small" fault is the lens is not as "buttery smooth" as...
  6. C

    Real Estate Photography

    I am looking for somebody that can help with getting bright white / focused images inside homes. I have a Canon 5d Mark iii with 16-35mm lens and 600 ex-rt flash. I am beyond a "newbie" however very limited time spent with post production and raw images. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. redbourn

    Pork stew - focus and comments

    Got held up cooking and taking photos for a few days but am now back. Tried to take on board many of the pointers that I recently got here and this is my latest attempt. The image is F22 but I have lots of others. What seems a little odd to me, but then I'm a relative beginner, is that the...
  8. AJHill

    Strange focus issue

    Recently I rented a Nikon D610 body from an online rental website. I rented the camera for the duration of the car show (one weekend) and returned [shipped] it promptly the following Monday, with no computer to review my photos until later. Now, when importing the photos from my memory card to...
  9. marco772

    How to focus quickly in Macro mode?

    Hi, I own a Nikon P530 Bridge Camera which I'm having a lot of fun getting to grips with. I love using the Macro mode but I'm looking for any tips on the art of making the camera focus on the subject quickly rather than the background. I tend to shoot in Auto with Macro enabled. As far as I...
  10. G

    Autofocus problem

    Hello all! I have a Canon 1100D/T3 and I've been having problems with auto focus on all three of my lenses. Unless the scene has a LOT of contrast, the auto focus just hunts forever focusing back and forth never locking in on anything. This happens with every lens. I don't know exactly how...