fuji x lenses

  1. psaltis

    Fuji X-Series Mirrorless Cameras and Lenses Sell-off

    Please have a look at the list of items and prices and if interested, message me here or contact me at my cell in the linked document : After investing in Fuji X-Series equipment over the past few years the time has come to prune my collection as I don't need all this. My reason why I have...
  2. P

    Fuji x-t20 or Olympus om-d e-m5 mark II

    Hello everyone, as in the topic - I am about to buy a photo camera and considering these two. The lens for the Olympus is 14/42, pretty dark one, and for Fuji I was proposed 18-55 f. 2,8-4. Could anyone give me any constructive feedback? To add, I am intested in the street photography and...
  3. Y

    HELP! Christmas accessory presents for new Fuji X-T10 Owner

    What accessories would your recommend for the new Fuji X-T10 owner? So my dad bought himself a Fuji X-T10 for Christmas and is very excited to use it. I would like to buy him some accessories to go with the new camera but I don't know what to get him!! He has already bought himself a tripod...
  4. Bill Thornhill

    Switching to Mirrorless

    I've been shooting with the Fuji Mirrorless system for about 12 months now so I thought I'd share my thoughts on making the switch. Hopefully people might find it interesting. Switching from Nikon to Fuji
  5. L

    fuji 90 vs 50-140 on balance which is better?

    I am an amateur and I recently got XT1 with 14 mm and 35 mm lenses for landscapes and street. I also wanted a lens which would give me better and closer view while being less noticeable on the streets. I am considering 50-140 vs 90mm. I understand they both are big and therefore i will not get...