1. I

    Fujica AX-3 Shutter Problem

    I got an ax-3 for free a little while ago and finally got the batteries and fixed the light seals, but i’m now having a problem where the shutter will just randomly fire without the release being pressed whenever the camera is on. it’s still usable bc i can just set up my shot before switching...
  2. Jozef Bulyaki

    color film phenomenon

    Hello guys, I am new and also glad to be here. I just got back my first roll of film ever from the lab and starting off here with a problem. I am using a fujica stx-1 slr. In the bottom left side of picture no.3 attached there is some kind of blurry reflection of a rug I recognize from my...
  3. hanhasgotqi

    Is this mold on the shutter curtain of this Fujica ST801 Camera

    Hello all, I just bought a Fujica ST801 on the internet and found suspicious stains on its shutter curtain. Please see the images below. Could someone please offer some insight as to what they are and how I should clean them? The shutter curtain works fine. All the shutter speeds are accurate...
  4. B

    Could I somehow use my old Solingor lenses with my new Nikon D3300 DSLR?

    Hello everyone! One of my friends gave me a Fujica AX-5 SLR and two Solingor lenses that can be mounted to it. (Solingor C/D Zoom + Macro, 100-500 mm, 1:5.6-7.5, 72 mm diameter and Solingor C/D Zoom + Macro, 28-200 mm, 1:3.5-5.3, 72 mm diameter) I have a Nikon D3300 DSLR that I use everyday...